Graphic Specification

Graphic Specifications

Preferred File Type

Graphic Service

Need some advice and tips on your artwork? We can help with that for banner stands, trade show booths, and conference booth designs and any other custom trade show displays. Estimated design time will be provided to you prior to start of your project. The following are what we have done for our customer's trade show pop up displays as examples.


Service Price: $65 per hour

Standard Black / Rich Black

With continuous improvement, our requirements for a deep black may change overtime. Currently, this is what we suggest when setting up your print-ready file:


For the following materials: Stretch, Multi-Stretch, and Roll Up
C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100
*This mix 0/0/0/100 of CMYK is unique to our printers and printing process.

For the following materials: Mesh, Scrim, Super flat, Backlit, Tent, PVC, Fence Mesh, Backlit Film, Canvas, Blankets, and Towels
C:75 M:75 Y:75 K:100
*This mix 75/75/75/100 of CMYK is unique to our printers and printing process.


We have adjusted our profile rips for this specific formula and are getting a much better output.


Black settings

Black comparison and paper release

RGB blacks convert to a weak CMYK black

Photoshop black adjustment

Reasons why we recommend this formula C-0, M-0, Y-0, k-100

  1. Better transfer yield: reduces overinking which leads to print defects such as banding, mottling and transfer wrinkles
  2. Automated proofing: less likely to flag your project
  3. Standardizes your black when submitting files to various print houses
  4. Cleaner black vs. muddy black

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